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DRW is an internationally trading company which distributes world-class brands and stocks a wide range of leading lubricants. DRW supplies customers with the top quality oils and greases from the best lubricants manufacturers.

With a solid experience of professionals in this business DRW has been successfully associated with major lubricant companies and served numerous businesses across the world. Ensured flawless performance and commitment to achieve the assigned tasks in well-organized manner has earned appreciation in the market for the company.

Highest quality

Clients all over the world


DRW offers a wide range of lubricants – oils and greases – procured from different world eminent product lines. We market for many sectors, including industrial, automotive/transportation, aviation, marine, construction, engineering, metalworking, etc.


We are proud to uphold the highest quality policies and procedures ensuring our customers receive the finest product and its timely order processing service.

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